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Lip Filler Procedure

Are You About to have a Lip Filler Procedure? Here’s What You Need To Know


The most common method of lip filler are dermal fillers. They have the ability to deliver immediate results and they can also help to enhance the natural shape of the lip. Of course, when you go to a reputable surgeon you will find that they will use a developed solution and this is injected into the lip to help any damaged tissue. You will usually see results in as little as 48 hours and during the treatment you will easily find which option is the best one for you.

Creating Volume

Lip fillers are ideal for creating volume and they are also great if you want to recontour the shape of your lips. The lip filler will be used to add extra filler to certain areas of your lips and this will usually last for around a year. Of course, this does depend on the type of filler that you have and even the volume of the filler that you are choosing to have as well. The lifestyle that you lead will also affect the filler that you have.

Do Fillers Hurt?

During the treatment you may find that there is some discomfort. Some people choose to have some anesthetic cream applied to the lips and this will make the whole process much easier. If you want to avoid the “duck lips” look or if you are worried about this then you’ll be glad to know that this only happens when too much filler has been applied. You’ll also find that it rarely happens when you go to a reputable surgeon, because they can advise you on how much filler you should have and even how it could affect you in the future so keep that in mind.


What Should Beginners Know About Lip Fillers?

Do you get skeptic while taking injections? Well, in that case, you might feel a bit scared in taking filler injections for the first time. A detailed study on lip-fillers will surely help you gain a great confidence in attending the concerned therapy. This study will tell you how do lip fillers work and what their consequences are.

Why Choosing a Good Cosmetic-Surgeon Is Needed?

If you choose a right cosmetic-surgeon then only you will be able to get proper clarifications about lip fillers. You can consult with your doctor regarding the pros and cons of this cosmetic treatment. A proper FAQ session will provide you the answers to many queries relating to this treatment. The doctor will also provide you a better guidance and will tell you that whether you are actually in need of lip fillers or not.

If your lips are in completely bad condition, then you should not go for this procedure as you might experience a lot of unwanted risks. To be more precise, well-maintained and healthy lips can be treated under the concerned process. Breastfeeding or pregnant women are requested to avoid the process for staying away from complications. The most important thing is that if you choose the right surgeon then not only your queries will be solved, but you will also receive a healthy lip augmentation without experiencing dangerous side-effects.

Common Queries:

  • Budget: The process is a bit expensive, and this fact cannot be denied at all. Therefore, if you are interested in this process, then you have to bear the cost. Procedural complexity, geographical location, and doctors are the common factors that decide the filer cost.
  • Lip Proportions: Only an experienced surgeon can decide the appropriate lip-proportion so that a correct balance is maintained. In fact, the ratio is decided first as per your requirement, and facial appeal and then lip-fullness is being added
  • Recovery Time: One-week is the usual recovery-time for lip fillers, but complicated cases, the time can be more than that. This is why the patients are always recommended concentrating on surgical aftercare for receiving the quickest
  • Pain Intensity: If the doctor is licensed and experienced no pains will be felt during the injecting process. This is because experienced surgeons will always use the most advanced technique of injecting needles. After the procedure is over, the targeted-site might get subjected towards a little bruising or swelling associated with the slightest But this pain is negligible as it gets disappeared slowly with time and proper aftercare.
  • Consequences: The results or consequences of the lip-filler process might differ from one patient to another. The results usually vary by few essential factors like lip condition, age, doctor’s techniques, filler type and others. Moreover, your doctor will test your lip-condition first, and then only the right filler-form can be decided.

Only safe and natural lip filler options are to be chosen for avoiding side-effects. Some branded options having high-quality hyaluronic-acid contents are Belotero or Restylane silk, Juvederm, and others.